It is not uncommon to try and save some money when improving the look of your vehicle. Many people attempt tasks such as window tinting, tail lights tinting, PPF, car polishing as well as alloy wheel refurbishment.

In the vast majority of cases when people try to refurbish their wheels they want to fix kerb marks as well as go for a colour change. There are loads of good resources out there which will show you the steps to take to get a successful refurb.

Generally you will require: sandpaper, degreaser, aluminium filler, automotive masking tape, masking paper, cleaner, primer, colour, spray mask, gloves, sanding block, filler applicator, clearcoat,etc. Prices vary massively depending on the quality of the products and where they are purchased from, but as an average it would cost somewhere between £10-20 per wheel.

When it comes to undertaking such projects, make sure you do plenty of research on methods as well as products as the results will vary drastically. Your expectations also need to be managed as spray can jobs will not be at the same standard as when a spray gun is used.

Another thing to consider is that they will not be resistant to solvents and petrol drips, so take extra care after they have been refurbished.

It is often not mentioned that any future repairs will generally be more expensive if you decide to utilise a bodyshop or a mobile refurbishment company to rectify and problems as the spray can paint will react with the one used out of a spray gun.

Put all factors into balance when deciding if a DIY job is what you require of if a refurbishment service is more suited to your needs and budget.

Good luck!