Winter is here and a large number of people are putting their precious cars away for winter.

Not everybody has a garage, which means that many car enthusiasts resort to using car covers to protect their paintwork from snow, dirt and other elements.

We feel that this can sometimes do more damage than good. Before using a car cover, the car should be spotless, freshly washed and the cover should be extremely clean as well. This gives the false impression that there is no chance that the paintwork will get any sort of damage over time.

The issue with this is that a lot of dirt and debris gets blown under the cover. Wind then makes the cover rub that dirt into the car’s paintwork which can leave substantial scratches.

This issue is quite common and we have had a number of customers requiring machine polishing of certain panels which have been subjected to damage caused by improper use of covers.

Car covers can be fantastic to use if you have a garage and the car and cover are in immaculate condition, otherwise you could end up with more isssues than you might think.