A lot of car enthusiasts are venturing into spraying body panels and wheels using spray cans. People have the misconception that this will result in paint peeling off in a week and looking horrible. This is not exactly accurate.

Spray can paint is not comparable to what is used by professionals through a gun, but this is not why paint is peeling off. Utilising the right techniques and materials, spray canning can be long lasting for the DIY user that wants to improve the look of their vehicle.

The first step would be into researching brands for spray cans, as this does make a difference in looks and longevity. This will also be visible when spraying as better brands invest more money into the nozzle technology giving you a wider, more even spraying fan, mimicking a spray gun.

Secondly, prep work is the most important when it comes to painting and getting a decent end result. Make sure you degrease the panels from start to finish throughout your different stages.

Sanding all the edges and getting into all the nooks and crannies is also crucial for a long lasting paint job. Do some online research from trusted sources in order to get familiar with the typical sanding grades required for the different stages of prep for primer, basecoat, etc.

Additionally, do not scrimp on masking as overspray can get onto the rest of the car and have a negative effect on its feel and appearance. Wet sanding is also typically necessary on diy projects as well in order to give you the best look and depth, so get familiar with this process as well.

Something to keep in mind is that if you start a diy project involving spray cans, you have to stick to it. If you spray a panel/wheel,etc with spray cans and then you take it to a bodyshop, this will result in a higher prices as spray can paint reacts with qualitative paint that goes into the gun due to its high solvent quantities. That paint will have to be removed and prep work done from scratch, so costs and waiting times will go up considerably, so this is something to keep in mind.

Good luck with your DIY painting projects and do not forget that preparation is key. Do not rush prep work for lasting results.