Mobile Car Body Repairs in Swindon


  • Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment– from £50 per wheel-based on damage severity, wheel design, colour, size, requirements and location.
  • Calipers Painting– £150+ for all four depending on colour, design and distance 
  • Bumper Scuffs, scrapes and cracked bumpers– based on extend of damage, colour, panel shape, blending and location.
  • Headlights Refurbishment– £60 per pair
  • Machine Polishing Lacquer Scratches-price dependant on size.

It is only possible to accurately price each job individually, depending on the damage, size and duration of the repair.

  • DISCOUNTS on  SMART Repairs

Why sparkling bodywork?

We have seen what rushed and cheaper repairs are like! From the poor preparation stages to cutting corners.

These result in a poor finish and most importantly non-lasting repair, hence why we want a change. Jobs like these give the industry a bad reputation! We aim to change this belief by offering:

Quality work

lasting repairs

attention to detail



  • What do you charge? 

Prices vary due to factors such as colour, material, location of the damage, shape, severity,etc. Generally, we are able to offer you substantial discounts over bodyshop prices and our mobile service ensures that you do not have to be without a car.

  • What does alloy wheel refurbishment involve?

In order to refurbish your alloy wheels we sand the kerb damage on the face of the wheels after we have broken the bead in order to expose the edge of the rim and get a long lasting repair. We then key up the wheel for the paint to adhere and apply the relevant primer, colour and clearcoat. We then bake the wheels at 60 degrees so that you can drive your car straight after the repair. 

  • Are all alloy wheels suitable for mobile alloy wheel refurbishment?

Unfortunately there are limitations to a mobile service, meaning that not all wheels are suited for repair. Peeling paint, corroded wheels and spray painted wheels are not suitable for mobile repairs. These are more suited to an acid dip/sand black and powder coating service as opposed to a mobile cosmetic repair.  This is one of the reasons why we cannot quote unless we see clear pictures of each wheel. 

  • What sort of warranty is given?

We value our customers and we take great pride in our work so we offer warranty on our repairs. Sparkling Bodywork offers a lifetime ownership warranty on bodywork repairs and a 1 year warranty for alloy wheel refurbishment. These do not apply if any of the following were present: previous repairs, peeling paint, corrosion/rust, previously spray canned, contamination from wax/ceramic coating/tyre shine. 

  • How do I get a quote?

Unfortunately pricing cannot  take over the phone as there are too many variables involved when quoting accurately. In order to get a quote, please visit our contact page where you get a detailed list of all the requirements for a reply with a quote. 

A quote will be provided based on the damage shown in the pictures, so please ensure that these are as clear as possible. Any additional damage which is observed will affect the price and we will have to re quote on the day. 

  • How do you match the colour?

Every car manufacturer has a paint code which is typically situated on the vehicle. We take the paint code and we insert it into our paint database which gives us the formula for your vehicle.  Some colours require blending for a better match which is typically the case with metallics. 

  • How are the repairs carried out?

We repair the damage in a very similar way to a bodyshop by sanding, stud welding the dents, panel beating, filling, priming and painting as required. We use the same type of paint which is used in bodyshops as we do not like to compromise on quality, but we use faster drying clear to limit the amount of impurities. We aim for a seamless finish which satisfies the customer’s needs.

 Being mobile, we work in an external environment against the natural elements as opposed to the factory where robots have sprayed the car in a pristine booth. Even so we aim to get as close as possible to the factory finish which has proven successful in many our jobs which can be found on our various social media profiles.