Sparkling Bodywork deals with a multitude of clients that love to take care of their pride and joy. A large share of our customers are understanding the benefits of detaling services and caring for the vehicle’s paintwork.

We work with a number of detailers which offer various packages, one of which is ceramic coating. It is a relatively new service to the market which is becoming more and more popular.

Qualitative ceramic coating creates a chemical bond to the paintwork and it is there to protect, help with shine and acts as a water repellent. It is misunderstood that ceramic coating can be applied onto the car straight away after a wash.

A professional service should wash, decontaminate, clay bar and polish the vehicle in multiple stages for the correct results. This will ensure that all surface scratches are gone as well as swirl marks, leaving a flawless finish.

The main disadvantage is the cost, but the advantages are superior. Quality coatings offer protection from UV, from minor scratches, water spotting and the vehicles stays cleaner for longer.

It is crucial to inform your detailer of choice of any recent paintwork that has been carried out. Paintwork needs an extended period of time to let the solvents evaporate. If ceramic coating is applied too soon it can lead to a multitude of issues such as cracking and peeling paint, so please utilise such services at the correct time. Reputable companies will inform you of this prior to carrying out any work, but it is also work keeping this in mind.

Finally we would also like to stress the importance of picking a company which ulitises top ceramic coating products as these will have a direct impact on longevity and look. Feel free to ask multiple detailers what coating they utilise, then carry out research on those particular brands, This is because results vary massively from brand to brand. Carttitude in Manchester would be a prime example of a detailer that prides themselves on quality products, attention to details as well as outstanding customer service.