Every car owner should have a touch up pen in their glove box to ensure that any stone chips as fixed as quickly as possible.

Ignoring small scratches and stone chips could lead to rust and in extreme circumstances requiring panel replacement. It is far better to combat these potential issues with the simple purchase of a relatively inexpensive touch up pen.

A lot of people enquire that we touch up stone chips on their vehicles. We always advise people to simply purchase a pen themselves. It is such a simple procedure that takes a very short amount of time and saves unnecessary spending. We have compiled this post to be able to refer everyone to these simple steps.

How to Use Touch Up Pen

How to use a touch up pen:

  1. Degrease the area well. You can use a mixture of washing up liquid with water along with a microfibre towel. Degrease the area well. This will ensure that you get adhesion.
  2. Take your touch up pen and simply tap onto the stone chip rather than using a stroking motion. It is better to use very thing layers, let it dry and keep repeating the process, as opposed to applying 1-2 thick layers. This will ensure accuracy as well as having a better finish. Some kits come with clear coat as well which is applied in the same manner. 1-2 coats will suffice.
  3. Polish the area( not mandatory).

We hope this gives you a clear indication of how you can touch up stone chips and minor scratches from the comfort of your own home. If you require slightly more difficult work to be carried out, please do not hesitate to contact us.