Mobile Paintwork Repair Swindon

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Sparkling Bodywork aims to reply to all your inquiries as soon as possible in order to meet your needs for fixing bumper scuffs, alloy wheel refurbishments and any other SMART repairs in Swindon and the surrounding areas.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will not be able to reply with a quote unless ALL the below information is given accurately.

We are not able to quote via the phone so please send all of the relevant information through the methods described on this page!

All repairs can only be carried out if you have a driveway or off street parking for legal reasons.

Carrying out repairs on the street is illegal and can lead to fines from the council so please be aware of this when making bookings if you are being led into believing that it is acceptable to carry out repairs in such a manner. In such situations a bodyshop is more suited to avoid any potential problems.  Feel free to verify with the local council and they will reassure you that this is not permitted.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment  can only be carried out if you have a solid driveway/off street parking that can accommodate our van and your vehicle. The driveway has to be level, so no inclines are suitable.

The van will not be able to be moved once repairs start. No other vehicles can be present in the near vicinity for bodywork repairs.

A power supply socket should also be available for us to plug into( maximum 25 meters away).