FREE Dealership Wash? Please say NO!

The vast majority of our clients are car enthusiasts that value their vehicles and the appearance of their paintwork. This informating post should give you an insight into why we feel that you should not accept the free car wash that usually comes with a service.

The free wash could be detrimental to the appearance of your car due to the methods that are utilised. It is extremely rare that dealerships/garages use the two bucket method we have described in a previous post when washing cars. They are generally quick washes that are not performed by people who are knowledgeable about detailing and their implications.

A car which is not correctly washed can results in having:

-swirl marks

-minor scratches

-deep scratches.

These can be caused by:

-dirty cloths

-washing techniques.

We urge car enthusiasts to document themselves before accepting free car washes. Just have a look at the majority of car’s paintwork in the sun. You will notice swirl marks which are caused by improper washing techniques.

Damaged Car Rental in Swindon

Have you damaged your car rental in Swindon? Accidents happen and we should always find the most efficient method to get them fixed.

Sparkling Bodywork focuses on offering a mobile paintwork repair service that offers convenience combined with quality and correct pricing. Mobile Paintwork Repair in Swindon

We can repair your damaged rental at your home address in a matter of hours. Professional products and methods are used ensuring that the repair is qualitative. This can save you a hefty charge on return.

We do not treat our mobile repairs as a temporary fix hence why we offer lifetime ownership warranty with our work.

Please navigate though all our pages to see about our commitment to our customers.

How to fix rust?

If you are wondering how to fix rust, you have come to the right place as we will give you an insight into what can be done. Generally speaking, the vast majority of cars do not need panel replacing when rust has appeared.How to fix rust by Sparkling Bodywork

We advise that a new panel is fitted when it is no longer surface rust and the metal has become pitted. A short term solution is to sand out the rusted area with course sand paper. Following this, a wire brush on a drill can be used to get into the rust pits.

Before the normal bodywork filler, a fibreglass filler should be used. This method should only be used as a temporary measure, as the only 100% effective method to removing rust is either cutting them metal out and welding new one in or replacing the panel.

Given that the majority of cars only have surface rust, this can be sanded out with something like 80-180 grit sandpaper. If there are any small particles of rust in any areas that the sandpaper cannot get to, use a wire brush or wheel. Only then you can proceed with the normal process for prep and spray painting.

Stone chips on wings and bonnets should not be ignored. We advise that you buy a paint touch up kit and always touch up stone chips after degreasing thoroughly. This will minimise the risk of getting rust in those areas and turning it into an expensive repair job in the future.

We hope this has given you an insight into how to fix rust.

Swindon Car Sales in 2019

Welcome to 2019 and you new car purchase in Swindon! We find that a lot of customers are looking to sell their cars in 2019 in order to get an upgrade.

The majority of carsĀ  on the streets of Swindon have some sort of minor scratches, scuffs, bumper cracks or just paint imperfections. These all affect the value of your vehicle which leads to you having to fork out more money for the next purchase.

The typical thought is that those sort of repairs are expensive and time consuming. This means that a lot of people do not even ask for quotes as they do not want to be without the car without a long time. In addition to this, they fear the cost of such repairs.

Sparkling Bodywork is here to give you competitive quotes with fantastic warranty options. This is to ensure that you get a lasting professional repair and it will be easy on the pocket as well. The repairs can be carried out at you home address in a matter of hours.

Good luck with your car purchase in Swindon in 2019!

See what to expect on our Youtube page Car Body Repairs Swindon.

How to protect your car from stone chips

We have come across an effective way if you are interested in knowing how to protect your car from stone chips. This is called a clear bra and it is essentially a transparent wrap for your vehicle. This can be fitted to your entire vehicle, but this has its drawbacks in terms of costs.

The majority of stone chips occur on the bumper and bonnet of a car so we recommend that these areas are protected with a clear bra. Most wrapping companies would be more than happy to discuss this product more in depth and due to the high level of competition for this, it has become quite competitive price wise.

How to protect your car from stone chips

By utilising this method you will save a costly respray in the future. If you decide not to use such a product, we advise you to order some touch up paint and always touch up your stone chips. This will prevent rust and it will also give it a better look. Failure to touch up these spots will result in rust and a spray job.

We hope this has given you an insight into what you can do to prevent stone chips.

How to restore black plastic trims

You want to know how to restore black plastics trims? This is a very common issue that people experience especially on slightly older vehicles. Over time, due to weather conditions these plastic trims can become faded or even turn slightly white. There are a few options when it comes to fixing them.

1.Use a trim restorer

The use of a high quality trim restorer is the most advisable method for fixing faded plastics, even for some interior parts. Do your research and ensure you buy the right products that have plenty of reviews and offer great longevity. This is because some of the cheaper products simply wash off in a matter of a few days or weeks which is not beneficial. A cheaper but shorter lasting alternative is to rub it in with peanut butter(see Youtube for references).

2. Use a heat gun

There are plenty of tutorials online showing you how to do this. This methods brings the oils out of the plastics to the surface, restores the colour and look good for a decent amount of time. You do have to be careful not to overheat the plastic or even melt it, so this method requires a bit more care and attention.

3. Spray painting the plastic parts

This is also an alternative and you find that a lot of people now end up colour coding bumpers on cars as it gives them an updated, more modern and expensive look. Please ensure that these plastic parts are prepared for paint accordingly as they require a bit more care then your typical spraying of metal parts.

We hope this gives you an insight into the main options in learning how to restore black plastic trims.