Terms and Conditions

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Swindon



  • Wheels must be thoroughly cleaned by the client prior to us carrying out any refurbishment work.
  • NO TYRE SHINE or WAX should be applied. In the event that the alloy wheels have not been cleaned and the above products have been applied, the client will incur an ADDITIONAL £10 cleaning charge and paintwork might be affected. Failure to comply with the above information will also result in a compromise in the final finish of the refurbished wheels as tyre shine and break dust have an adverse effect on paint. This also invalidates any potential warranty.
  • A LEVEL surface(no slopes are permitted) with solid/stable/safe ground has to provided in the place where your vehicle will be parked. This MUST be on a driveway or off-street parking for legal reasons.
  • A plug in point so that we can get electrical power to our mobile workshop which has to be within 25 meters. Our LWB van has to be within a few meters of the vehicle which needs to have ample space to work around.
  • Please have your locking wheel nut removal socket ready prior to our arrival. We are not responsible if the locking wheel nut is not removable or if your bolts are over tightened by someone else.

The car will be jacked up in order to remove the alloy wheels and begin the refurbishment process. A typical cosmetic repair will involve breaking the bead to get access to the lip of the alloy and to help with longevity. Kerb damaged wheels will be sanded down and/or aluminium filled as appropriate; primer, basecoat and lacquer will be applied to the face of the wheel as necessary.

We will wait a maximum of 15 minutes from the time of arrival until we will leave and a £100 charge will be invoiced to the person making the booking. There will be a payment term of 14 days; payment failure will result in your details passed onto a third party debt recovery agency.

For colour changes, the interior of the barrel will also receive the required colour(for aesthetic purposes only), but no repairs will be carried out on the interior so ensure they are in good condition. Colour changes are advised to be carried out on newer vehicles as opposed to older ones which tend to corrode on the inside. For such wheels, an acid dip and sand blasting service is more suited as opposed to a mobile cosmetic repair.

For diamond cut wheel repairs , the damaged lip will typically be sanded and polished to an appropriate grade and lacquer will be applied to seal in the repair from external elements. The alternative is colour blending for smaller repairs.

Mobile alloy wheel repairs are cosmetic repairs only as opposed to acid dip, sandblasting then powder coating, so please do not confuse the two.

After the repair we will torque your wheel nuts, but it is also important to re-check them after 30 miles of driving and re-torque if necessary as recommended by manufacturers and tyre specialists.


It is automatically assumed that instructing us to carry out any repairs, that all terms and conditions attached are fully understood. Booking in results in acceptance of the terms and conditions and payment confirms that the work has been carried out to an acceptable standard. Sparkling Bodywork Ltd offer a 1 Year warranty on alloy wheel repairs which have factory paint and lifetime ownership warranty on bodywork(non transferable). Diamond cut repairs do not come with any warranty due to their tendency to corrode which is the main cause they typically fail in the first place. If the alloy wheels/bodywork have had previous repairs or resprays it can affect the finish of our work. Clients must be made aware that there is a possibility that certain damage is not completely repairable and some minor imperfections could be present, so accurate information is necessary. Any warranty is void if previous repairs have been carried out and/or if any corrosion was present. Warranty does not cover general wear and tear as well as stone chips damage and any issues caused by acid containing cleaning products and extreme psi’s on painted areas. DO NOT jet wash the car for two weeks after the repair and do not wax for at least a month to allow the solvents in the paint to fully evaporate. Decals, stickers, emblems should also not be applied for at least a month to allow the paint to cure fully- this can lead to cracking and/or peeling. Any warranty does not cover chipping, stone chips, corrosion damage, strong chemical agents, motorsport/track or off road use. Repairs are not guaranteed to satisfy and third party or lease return inspection. We cannot guarantee passing inspection from a trained assessor specifically looking for repairs either visually or by method of paint depth gauge. We take no responsibility toward charges levied by lease/hire companies. Cancellations must be given with a minimum of 24h notice or a cancellation fee of £100 will be issued to the person booking- this has to be paid within 14 days before the details are passed over to a debt collection agency.Pictures are commonly taken to be kept on file and might be used on social media. If you wish that these pictures should not be used for marketing purposes, please inform us via email at contact@sparklingbodywork.co.uk .

If at any point during the warranty period you become aware of an issue, then Sparkling Bodywork Ltd will have the opportunity to rectify the issue. If you chose not to use Sparkling Bodywork Ltd then all work becomes void of warranty and any claims made against Sparkling Bodywork Ltd including costs associated. Any untrue statements will be passed over to our legal team for further action.

After the repair, the bodywork/alloys cannot be washed for two weeks and no wax/ ceramic coating products can be used for at least a month as the paint needs time to eliminate the solvents. If paintwork has taken place around the fuel cap area, it is imperative that you take great care not to spill fuel on the paint for at least a month. Do not apply any vinyl stickers, emblems on painted surface for a minimum of 30 days after the repair to allow the paint to fully cure.

Mobile repairs are designed to improve the look of your vehicle’s bodywork or alloy wheels. They are not to be confused with a bodyshop environment where a spray booth facilitates in limiting any kind of imperfections. Working in the external environment, there are certain factors which we cannot control, but we always aim to work to the best standards given the nature of mobile work. Please note that on some occasions we might have to postpone/cancel appointments due to the weather which can affect both health and safety as well as the quality of the repair.

Snow in Swindon

Snow in Swindon! It has finally arrived after a long wait and numerous previous warnings. Sparkling Bodywork would like to give you a few pointers in ensuring that you stay safe during this period. Follow simple steps in order to keep your vehicle safe and intact.

Snow in Swindon

It is advisable to only use your vehicles in urgent situations as the local police has advised. Please also note that numerous roads are closed due to snow and the potential for ice. These have been published by the Swindon Advertiser throughout the day.

In case that you are using your vehicle, ensure you have appropiate tyres and a few items that could make your driving experience a bit easier. A window scraper, de-icing spray, a small brush and a small shovel could all aid in you being able to set off and then not getting stuck.

We find it vital that in snowing conditions brakes and steering are used gently. This ensures that the weight of the vehicle is not transferred suddenly which could lead to loss of control.

A very effective braking method during adverse weather such as snow and ice is engine breaking. If you are unaware of this method have a quick look around online and you will be able to find a video showing you how this simple, yet effective technique works.

Stay safe everyone! This Swindon snow will be gone soon!

Fix a dent without spray painting

We get to see a lot of damaged vehicles and we always try to advise our customers of the best and most inexpensive route to take for the repairs.

A large number inquiries come from dented bumpers or wings. Some of these do not require traditional bodywork and painting. This is due to the nature of the damage.

PDR to avoid spray painting

In a lot of cases the paintwork is not cracked/damaged and the metal is not stretched. This allows a good PDR technician to fix it without the need for a respray.

It is important that you get any damaged asessed by various companies in order to choose the most suitable route for you. Paintless Dent Removal might not necessarily offer you a financial saving. However, it is better to avoid painting a damaged surface if possible.

How to use touch up pen

Every car owner should have a touch up pen in their glove box to ensure that any stone chips as fixed as quickly as possible.

Ignoring small scratches and stone chips could lead to rust and in extreme circumstances requiring panel replacement. It is far better to combat these potential issues with the simple purchase of a relatively inexpensive touch up pen.

A lot of people enquire that we touch up stone chips on their vehicles. We always advise people to simply purchase a pen themselves. It is such a simple procedure that takes a very short amount of time and saves unnecessary spending. We have compiled this post to be able to refer everyone to these simple steps.

How to Use Touch Up Pen

How to use a touch up pen:

  1. Degrease the area well. You can use a mixture of washing up liquid with water along with a microfibre towel. Degrease the area well. This will ensure that you get adhesion.
  2. Take your touch up pen and simply tap onto the stone chip rather than using a stroking motion. It is better to use very thing layers, let it dry and keep repeating the process, as opposed to applying 1-2 thick layers. This will ensure accuracy as well as having a better finish. Some kits come with clear coat as well which is applied in the same manner. 1-2 coats will suffice.
  3. Polish the area( not mandatory).

We hope this gives you a clear indication of how you can touch up stone chips and minor scratches from the comfort of your own home. If you require slightly more difficult work to be carried out, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay Away from Car Covers

Winter is here and a large number of people are putting their precious cars away for winter.

Not everybody has a garage, which means that many car enthusiasts resort to using car covers to protect their paintwork from snow, dirt and other elements.

We feel that this can sometimes do more damage than good. Before using a car cover, the car should be spotless, freshly washed and the cover should be extremely clean as well. This gives the false impression that there is no chance that the paintwork will get any sort of damage over time.

The issue with this is that a lot of dirt and debris gets blown under the cover. Wind then makes the cover rub that dirt into the car’s paintwork which can leave substantial scratches.

This issue is quite common and we have had a number of customers requiring machine polishing of certain panels which have been subjected to damage caused by improper use of covers.

Car covers can be fantastic to use if you have a garage and the car and cover are in immaculate condition, otherwise you could end up with more isssues than you might think.

5 Tips for Better Resale Value

1. Service and MOT

Ensure that you have your service book handy and post pictures of it in the adverts. If the MOT has only a few months until expiry, it is beneficial to get it MOT’d as this will show potential buyers that you have nothing to hide and that they will be making a solid purchase.

2. Get it valeted

First impressions count, so a professional valeting service is crucial in getting a quick sale at a correct price. This might seem like an expense but it will pay off when it comes to the reseale value.

3. Fix faded exterior plastics and faded paintwork

Exterior plastics that look dull and aged affect the value of the car in a negative way. They are faily inexpensive to fix by a mobile company such as ourselves and the returns should be clear when selling. A full machine polish and wax protection would also bring back the gloss and remove minor paint imperfections.

4. Clean engine bay

A well taken care of engine bay will look like that car has been taken of and not neglected. Potential customers would be put off by dirty and dusty engine bays as it would mean that work was not carried out frequently for maintenance.

5. Fix scratches, scuffs and minor dents

From an exterior point of view bodywork damage is probably the single contributor factor to driving the value of the car down. A mobile paint repair service such as ourselves would fix such damage at a considerable saving compared to a bodyshop. Additionally, the work will be carried out with the latest materials and techniques to ensure a professional finish.

We hope these 5 tips for better resale value have been beneficial!