Car Body Repairs Chippenham

Car Body Repairs Chippenham – Sparkling Bodywork can assist your with the following: Bumper Scuffs, Scratches, Minor Scrapes, Kerbed Alloy Wheels, Alloy Wheels Colour Changes, Calipers Painting, Textured Trims Repairs.

Mobile car body repairs are suitable for cosmetic damage that affects the look of your vehicle or for lease returns in order to avoid costly fees.

Car Body Repairs Chippenham

Examples of suitable Mobile Car Cosmetic Repairs:

  • Bumper scuffs
  • Dented bumpers
  • Cracked bumpers
  •  Minor scrapes
  • Kerbed Alloy Wheels Repairs
  • Keyed Panels
  • Vandal Scratches
  • Minor Wing Dents
  • Headlights Polishing
  • Calipers Painting
  • Alloy Wheels Colour Changes

NON Suitable Car Body Repairs in Chippenham:

  • Full Resprays
  • Panel Replacement and Full Resprays
  • Repairs on corroded/ rusted panels
  • Large panels such as bonnets and roofs
  • Large Dents
  • Full Side Resprays
  • Corroded/peeling alloy wheels
  • Spray Canned Alloy Wheels

Advantages of a MOBILE SERVICE:

  • Savings over a traditional bodyshop
  • Work completed in a few hours
  • Repairs carried out at your home address allowing to to check progress at all times
  • Same equipment and products used as in physical workshops
  • Infrared and UV curing technology for the best results and longevity
  • Warranty given with our cosmetic repairs
  • Solvent Resistant Lacquer
  • Can drive the vehicle straight away
  • All we need is a driveway and a plug in point for power
  • No need for alternative transport as your car is repairs on the day

SMART Repair technology allows us to keep the repairs small, therefore minimising potential contamination and allowing your to keep more of your original paintwork.

This process allows for a substantial reduction in required materials and repair times which gives us the ability to pass on these savings to our customers. Most of our quotes are lower than your insurance excess and it makes it possible to be able to afford cosmetic repairs without the need to contact your vehicle insurer.

Looking for a QUOTE for your mobile car body repairs? Visit our contact page for the full requirements!

Car Body Repairs Royal Wotton Bassett

Looking for Car Body Repairs in Royal Wootton Bassett? We provide a mobile service which enables us to fix cosmetic damage such as bumper scuffs, scratches and alloy wheel refurbishment.

Car Body Repairs in Royal Wootton Bassett

Our services are convenient as we complete the repairs on your driveway and the vehicle can be driven straight away. Most mobile cosmetic repairs are lower than your insurance excess and often give you a substantial saving compared to a physical bodyshop which requires your car for a number of days. 


Why Choose a Mobile Car Body Repairs Service instead of a traditional bodyshop?

  1. Cheaper
  2. Faster
  3. Drive away straight after the repair
  4. Fixed in a few hours
  5. Warranty
  6. Convenient
  7. Repairs carried out at your home address

What are S.M.A.R.T Repairs?

Smart repairs refer to small to medium area repair technology which allows technicians to keep the repairs local instead of spraying the whole panel.

These kind of repairs are suited for bumpers scuffs, localised vandal scratches and kerbed alloy wheels. By keeping the repair areas smaller we are able to offer your these repairs at lower rates. If you require more extensive work, we would recommend a traditional bodyshop where the repairs can be carried out in a controlled environment. 

What isn’t suitable for mobile car body repairs in Royal Wootton Bassett?

  1. Full Resprays
  2. Rust/Corrosion
  3. Big Dents
  4. Jobs that cannot completed within the day due to its size/complexity
  5. New/Second hand panels full resprays
  6. Panel Replacement
  7. Jig Work and/or Alignment
  8. Welding
  9. Alloy Wheel Straightening/ Balancing

Looking for a quote to fix your scratches, scuffs, scrapes or alloy wheels?

Please go over to our contact page in order to receive a quote in the shortest time possible without having to take your car anywhere. Make sure all the information is given in order to be able to quote your as accurately as possible.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Oxford, Oxfordshire

Do you need Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Oxford, Oxfordshire or nearby areas? Look no further!

Our mobile service for fixing kerbed wheels gives you the facility to have the work done at you home address. This gives you the flexibility to carry on with your regular day to day activities and have your wheels looking good again in a matter of hours.

If you fancy a colour change for your wheels or your calipers painted this is also something we can help out with. Feel free to look at our multitude of work examples from our various social media platforms which can be found on our contact page.

It is common for some companies to require the wheels off the car or without tyres on. This is not something that we are asking our customers to do! All we need is driveway, a plug in point for power and your locking wheel nut. We then take all the wheels off the car, break the bead of the tyres in order to expose the edge of the rim and carry on with the refurbishment process.

After the painting process, your wheels then get baked at 60 degrees in order to fully cure the paint which allows you to drive the vehicle straight away.

In order to get a quote, please visitor our contact page in order to find the various methods of communication available.

The true cost of DIY Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

It is not uncommon to try and save some money when improving the look of your vehicle. Many people attempt tasks such as window tinting, tail lights tinting, PPF, car polishing as well as alloy wheel refurbishment.

In the vast majority of cases when people try to refurbish their wheels they want to fix kerb marks as well as go for a colour change. There are loads of good resources out there which will show you the steps to take to get a successful refurb.

Generally you will require: sandpaper, degreaser, aluminium filler, automotive masking tape, masking paper, cleaner, primer, colour, spray mask, gloves, sanding block, filler applicator, clearcoat,etc. Prices vary massively depending on the quality of the products and where they are purchased from, but as an average it would cost somewhere between £10-20 per wheel.

When it comes to undertaking such projects, make sure you do plenty of research on methods as well as products as the results will vary drastically. Your expectations also need to be managed as spray can jobs will not be at the same standard as when a spray gun is used.

Another thing to consider is that they will not be resistant to solvents and petrol drips, so take extra care after they have been refurbished.

It is often not mentioned that any future repairs will generally be more expensive if you decide to utilise a bodyshop or a mobile refurbishment company to rectify and problems as the spray can paint will react with the one used out of a spray gun.

Put all factors into balance when deciding if a DIY job is what you require of if a refurbishment service is more suited to your needs and budget.

Good luck!

Spray canning resulting in peeling paint?

A lot of car enthusiasts are venturing into spraying body panels and wheels using spray cans. People have the misconception that this will result in paint peeling off in a week and looking horrible. This is not exactly accurate.

Spray can paint is not comparable to what is used by professionals through a gun, but this is not why paint is peeling off. Utilising the right techniques and materials, spray canning can be long lasting for the DIY user that wants to improve the look of their vehicle.

The first step would be into researching brands for spray cans, as this does make a difference in looks and longevity. This will also be visible when spraying as better brands invest more money into the nozzle technology giving you a wider, more even spraying fan, mimicking a spray gun.

Secondly, prep work is the most important when it comes to painting and getting a decent end result. Make sure you degrease the panels from start to finish throughout your different stages.

Sanding all the edges and getting into all the nooks and crannies is also crucial for a long lasting paint job. Do some online research from trusted sources in order to get familiar with the typical sanding grades required for the different stages of prep for primer, basecoat, etc.

Additionally, do not scrimp on masking as overspray can get onto the rest of the car and have a negative effect on its feel and appearance. Wet sanding is also typically necessary on diy projects as well in order to give you the best look and depth, so get familiar with this process as well.

Something to keep in mind is that if you start a diy project involving spray cans, you have to stick to it. If you spray a panel/wheel,etc with spray cans and then you take it to a bodyshop, this will result in a higher prices as spray can paint reacts with qualitative paint that goes into the gun due to its high solvent quantities. That paint will have to be removed and prep work done from scratch, so costs and waiting times will go up considerably, so this is something to keep in mind.

Good luck with your DIY painting projects and do not forget that preparation is key. Do not rush prep work for lasting results.

Is ceramic coating for you?

Sparkling Bodywork deals with a multitude of clients that love to take care of their pride and joy. A large share of our customers are understanding the benefits of detaling services and caring for the vehicle’s paintwork.

We work with a number of detailers which offer various packages, one of which is ceramic coating. It is a relatively new service to the market which is becoming more and more popular.

Qualitative ceramic coating creates a chemical bond to the paintwork and it is there to protect, help with shine and acts as a water repellent. It is misunderstood that ceramic coating can be applied onto the car straight away after a wash.

A professional service should wash, decontaminate, clay bar and polish the vehicle in multiple stages for the correct results. This will ensure that all surface scratches are gone as well as swirl marks, leaving a flawless finish.

The main disadvantage is the cost, but the advantages are superior. Quality coatings offer protection from UV, from minor scratches, water spotting and the vehicles stays cleaner for longer.

It is crucial to inform your detailer of choice of any recent paintwork that has been carried out. Paintwork needs an extended period of time to let the solvents evaporate. If ceramic coating is applied too soon it can lead to a multitude of issues such as cracking and peeling paint, so please utilise such services at the correct time. Reputable companies will inform you of this prior to carrying out any work, but it is also work keeping this in mind.

Finally we would also like to stress the importance of picking a company which ulitises top ceramic coating products as these will have a direct impact on longevity and look. Feel free to ask multiple detailers what coating they utilise, then carry out research on those particular brands, This is because results vary massively from brand to brand. Carttitude in Manchester would be a prime example of a detailer that prides themselves on quality products, attention to details as well as outstanding customer service.