1. Service and MOT

Ensure that you have your service book handy and post pictures of it in the adverts. If the MOT has only a few months until expiry, it is beneficial to get it MOT’d as this will show potential buyers that you have nothing to hide and that they will be making a solid purchase.

2. Get it valeted

First impressions count, so a professional valeting service is crucial in getting a quick sale at a correct price. This might seem like an expense but it will pay off when it comes to the reseale value.

3. Fix faded exterior plastics and faded paintwork

Exterior plastics that look dull and aged affect the value of the car in a negative way. They are faily inexpensive to fix by a mobile company such as ourselves and the returns should be clear when selling. A full machine polish and wax protection would also bring back the gloss and remove minor paint imperfections.

4. Clean engine bay

A well taken care of engine bay will look like that car has been taken of and not neglected. Potential customers would be put off by dirty and dusty engine bays as it would mean that work was not carried out frequently for maintenance.

5. Fix scratches, scuffs and minor dents

From an exterior point of view bodywork damage is probably the single contributor factor to driving the value of the car down. A mobile paint repair service such as ourselves would fix such damage at a considerable saving compared to a bodyshop. Additionally, the work will be carried out with the latest materials and techniques to ensure a professional finish.

We hope these 5 tips for better resale value have been beneficial!